The Big Three

Okay, you are the manager and you need to hire a new person, would you want to hire the person who might like the job, a person who is interested in the job, or a person who really wants the job? After interviewing 3-6 candidates, the interviewer will compare each of the candidates’ desire for the position. The interviewer will either assess or assume your level of desire for the job.

For the best consideration, leave nothing to chance, let the interviewer know how you feel about the job.

  • Do you understand the job?
  • Do you believe you can do the job?
  • Do you want the job?

 When you make those three points you will certainly be a finalist. Your Executech Personnel Consultant is the key to unlock the door to your future. Using an employment agency has its advantages over representing yourself in negotiating and interviewing with a company. You will be far more informed about the job and the company specifics before the interview. You will be able to use your interview to sell yourself, instead of asking about benefit plans and vacation days; questions that don’t belong in an interview. You can confide in your consultant and express what you like about the particular company and where your concerns may be.

Your Executech consultant will play an important role in negotiating your offer and preparing you to interview with superior results. It is more likely that you will not be wasting your valuable time interviewing for a position that does not match your career desires (solve the pains that you are experiencing in your present position). It is our goal to provide you with a position that will advance your career, challenge you intellectually, and most importantly, handle your career search and negotiating in the most professional manner. Our industry experienced consultants can offer you insight into specific industries and provide you with the competitive edge for success in interviewing and achieving your career goals. Top professionals always have an updated resume and career goal profile on file with us.



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