Body Language Speaks Even When You Don't

Surprising as it may seem, your body movements will express quite a bit about you to the well trained interviewer.

Some examples for good and bad body language are:

  • Slouching or poor posture may lead someone to believe that you are lazy and not very well mannered.
  • A good posture in both standing and sitting will demonstrate your respect and seriousness as well as your enthusiasm.
  • Avoiding eye contact may be a signal of dishonesty or inferiority.
  • A weak handshake may indicate a lack of confidence.
  • Tapping fingers or feet are annoying and immediately noticeable. These habits indicate both nervousness and hypertension.
  • Frowning doesn’t necessarily please anyone, a smile will add character and pleasantness.
  • Arms crossed in front of body indicate shielding from the interviewer which may cause suspicion.
  • Your hair grooming and personal hygiene will be very important and certainly noticed.

What if they offer me the job on the spot? Although this situation rarely occurs, it is wise to be prepared for it, especially after you knock the socks off your interviewer! When a company offers a job on the spot it may not necessarily indicate a ‘red flag’ as many candidates may suspect. The manager may be just so thrilled with you that he is convinced that you are the right person for the job.

There are two ways that you can handle an offer on the spot:

  • The first is in the case that the employer presents an offer that is acceptable. It is not wrong for you to accept an offer on the spot if you are sure that the job, the company and the offer is satisfactory to you. So if the offer meets your criteria, then it is proper to accept.
  • The second situation is where an offer is made, however it is not quite acceptable. In this case, it is in your best interest to thank the interviewer for the interview and for considering you to be the right person. Express your interest and excitement in the position, and let the interviewer know that you would like to respond to your Executech personnel consultant after you have an evening to think the offer over.

These offer handling methods will achieve far better results than trying to negotiate single handedly, in a one on one situation, and you won’t be starting off with your new manager with a tough negotiation over the offer. Always contact your Executech personnel consultant immediately after the interview, so that he can get to work right away on any salary negotiation or inquiries of the company that you may have. If you are experienced or if you are entry level, we can help you achieve your career goals.


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