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HRD Internship Programs

Several Human Resource Development Internships are available for Fall/Winter semester! Selected Interns may be involved in one or more of the following projects, depending on individual career goals, skill sets and preference. For additional information please contact Vincent Hester at (248) 332.3800 ext. 210.

Our participation in the Oakland University HRD internship program has been successful in developing skills related to Human Resources in training and development and human services. The training and development programs focus in recruiting, management, training, policy and personnel systems development. The human services program focus on job, career and development for low income/impaired and employee counseling for career development and substance abusing or dependent workers.

Quality Internship Opportunities
HRD Internship candidates are currently being considered in the following areas:

  • Business Management and Operations
  • Executive Recruitment and Assessment
  • HRD Training Design and Development
  • Recruitment Advertising Design
  • Recruiting through Internet Publishing
  • Account Management - Temporary Services
  • HRD Policy Development
  • Benefit Program Design and Development
  • Employment Law and Guidelines


Are you are a top performer who desires a successful career starting with a quality internship?
Interns are involved with the top management of the company, gain excellent experience, improve their resume, and learn about actual business practices. Several interns have joined our permanent staff after demonstrating motivation, initiative, ability, a desire for success and plain old fashioned work ethics.


Executech Staffing is a human resource consulting firm specializing in Executive Recruitment Services, Temporary Staffing Services and Training Programs. Executech specializes in the recruitment of the following occupational employment segments:

  • Automotive Product Engineers and Designers, Automotive Manufacturing Engineers
  • Electronic Hardware and Software Engineers, Plastic Manufacturing Engineers
  • Environmental Engineers and Consultants, Computer Programmers and Analysts
  • Technical Sales and Marketing, Secretarial and Clerical Office Support
  • Other Segments are available

Executech was awarded The Future 50 Company for three consecutive years, by the Greater Detroit Chamber of Commerce. The Firm of the Year by the Michigan Association of Personnel Services and a Top 30 Staffing Firm by Crain’s Book of Lists.

Executech is conveniently located at 43 N. Saginaw, Pontiac, Michigan, 48342. Please contact Vincent Hester at (248) 332.3800 ext. 210 or send resume by mail or fax to
(248) 332.3344 the attention of Vincent Hester/Internship.

Perform as an Executive Recruiter or research assistant to an Executive Recruiter in technical, secretarial or other occupational segments.

  • qualify and assess candidates for job positions.
  • coordinate and consult with applicants on the interview process.
  • identify and define job requirements with client companies.
  • learn Executive Recruitment techniques through an excellent training program.

Perform in an account management function of a temporary service client.

  • qualify and assess candidates for job positions.
  • communicate with client company on current requirements.
  • perform and conduct employee and client supervisor reviews.
  • represent Executech at company client facilities.

Develop an employee skill development and training program.

  • assess training requirements.
  • select and/or develop training materials.
  • coordinate training classes and schedules.
  • document training program.

Develop and refine our job fair and candidate recruitment advertising.

  • develop and write candidate advertising for newspapers, and other sources.
  • develop candidate handout materials for job fairs.
  • schedule and represent Executech at job fairs.

Develop a temporary employee application, evaluation and review process.

  • identify performance evaluation topics.
  • write a standard client evaluation form.
  • write an employee review form.
  • document client evaluation and employee review procedures.

Develop a temporary employee performance incentive program.

  • identify techniques to improve employee performance.
  • document an employee incentive program.
  • chair an employee committee.

Develop a new employee orientation program.

  • identify key information to be conveyed to a new employee.
  • develop media to convey material.
  • perform employee orientations.
  • identify primary topics of an exit interview.
  • document staff procedures for future orientations.

Perform as an outreach counselor to interface between JTPA (Job Training Partnership Act) Development Centers and Executech.

  • assist in the job placement process of low income, disabled or impaired individuals.
  • develop relationship with JTPA counselors.
  • perform in a job developer function.

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