Why Do Companies Use Search Firms?

Profit is a result of Sales, Quality, Productivity, Efficiency and Costs, etc... Performance in these areas are a direct result of the quality of the employees that control them. The quality of your employees can only be as high as the quality of the candidates that your company has the ability to attract.

Although the percentage of positions filled by search firms has significantly increased through the years, occasionally we are asked for the reasons why an increasing number of companies choose to utilize these services. The purpose of this document is to simply identify the primary ones.

The Quality of Candidates Interviewed is Significantly Improved

  • We specialize in the areas that we recruit, producing the top candidates in the industry.
  • Happily employed professionals don't normally read the want ads.
  • Advertising attracts an excessive amount of unqualified candidates.
  • Top candidates use a search firm to save time, confidentiality and to deal with quality companies.

The Efficiency of the Recruitment and Hiring Process is Increased

  • Time spent on recruiting is time not spent on the companies primary product or service.
  • The candidates submitted are briefed on the position and company prior to the first interview.
  • Qualified candidates are produced much quicker.
  • The offer to acceptance ratio is significantly improved.
  • Candidates that are not serious about a job change or "tire kickers" are effectively screened.

The Cost of the Recruitment and Hiring Process is Reduced

  • Advertising has become increasingly expensive and counter productive.
  • Our fee is 100% tax deductible.
  • Payroll expenses for writing and placing ads is eliminated.
  • Payroll expenses for screening and interviewing unqualified candidates are eliminated.
  • Hiring and training expenses related to erroneous hires are significantly reduced.

The Confidentiality of the Employer is Preserved

  • Your recruitment efforts are not common knowledge to your competitors and customers.
  • Unqualified and mediocre applicants are not made aware of your position openings.

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