How Can You Give A Presentation Without An Objective?

You’re right! You can’t!
Many candidates find that they are not asked about their most important assets. Planning your presentation will help in obtaining an offer. A planned presentation will assist you in knowing what you want to express to the interviewer. During the interview you will be able to keep a mental checklist of the points as you address them. When your presentation is planned, you will find that you will pack a greater punch with your responses and cover more of the sizzle.

The first step in planning for the interview is understanding your objective in the interview. Your objective is quite simple: A. Get an offer or B. Get another interview. That’s it! During the interview it is your only time to convince the manager that you are the right person for the job. Once an offer is made, then it is time to decide if the company and the job are right for you, with your Executech personnel consultant.

Planning for the interview will make 100% difference in the result! Take a few moments to anticipate what skill sets and experience that the interviewer will be assessing you on. Then make a list of examples that demonstrate your past successes in these areas. It will be your job to express these examples during the interview, and you can count on the interviewer to make his own assumption if you don’t. Plan a short list of questions regarding the company, growth, product or service, new technologies or advances, and future direction to demonstrate your interest in the position and your planning skills.


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