Prepare, Prepare, Prepare

Time, Date, Day of the week and Location
Imagine showing up for an interview on the wrong day or the wrong time or at the wrong place. Not only would that be embarrassing but it may cost you the job! Confirming the time and date is of the utmost importance. Double check the appointment by confirming the time and day of the week.

Also, know the location of the interview. If you are unsure of the area take a drive to the facility so that you will be familiar with the roads and the time that it may take to get there. Be sure to add the appropriate time to compensate for rush hour traffic.

Also, if the office is located in an office building make sure that you get the appropriate floor, suite and tower number. Sometimes an interview may be held at a site away from the employers place of business. Be sure to confirm all of the above items with your Executech personnel consultant prior to your interview.

Going through a practice interview will help tremendously, you can do it with your Executech personnel consultant, a family member or friend. Practice your presentation a number of times so that you will be able to speak smoothly during the interview. Practicing with a mirror and a tape recorder several times will help you practice your presentation. Your effort in planning, preparation, practice, and research will help you succeed in your next interview performance. Then, your standing ovation will be in the form of a great offer.


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